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  • Florida Power and Light - Think About It
    Posted: Jan 20
  • Opening Remarks - Think About Energy Summit - Colorado
    Posted: Dec 4

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    January 8, 2014
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Natural gas is ready now to play a greater role in helping reduce air pollution in communities across the country.  Natural gas represents the only clean energy option of adequate scale today to start now to make meaningful improvements over the next 10 years in our air quality.  So breathe easy, America.  With natural gas, our clean energy future may be closer than we think.

  • When used to generate electricity, natural gas burns cleaner than other fuel sources, with less pollutants and no mercury.
  • Natural gas is an essential partner to the development of renewables, providing clean, reliable power when the sun sets or wind dies down.
  • Natural gas vehicles emit an average of 25% less CO2 than vehicles that run on traditional gasoline or diesel.  And, natural gas is the only fuel alternative that can power heavy-duty trucks and buses, among the busiest vehicles on the road.  By focusing on large public and private fleets, America can ease its dependence on foreign energy, dramatically reduce emissions and create clean energy jobs here at home.


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