ANGA Calls New EPA Methane Rules Unnecessary, Counterproductive

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Background: Following is a statement by Marty Durbin, president and chief executive officer for America's Natural Gas Alliance, on proposals by the Environmental Protection Agency of new methane regulations.

"Since 2005, natural gas producers have cut methane emissions 38 percent, while increasing production 35 percent. This impressive record has been accomplished through existing regulations and industry innovation. With further improvements certain to continue, we believe new and additional regulations are both unnecessary and counterproductive. This rule is simply not the best way to achieve our shared goal of methane emissions reductions.

"Natural gas producers will continue reducing methane emissions regardless of this proposal. Not only do we have an incentive to capture methane – it is the product we sell – but our track record of efficiency improvement and innovation are what drives the environmental, economic and energy security benefits of natural gas. A collaborative approach will bring greater reductions more quickly than new and unnecessary regulation."