Issues & Policy

Power Generation

Abundant natural gas from shale regions across the country meets the growing demand for clean, affordable electricity and can replace retiring baseload generation. Learn more.


With an expanding delivery network and innovative technologies, natural gas is poised to power not only passenger vehicles available to the public, but also municipal and commercial truck fleets, drill rigs, marine vessels, train locomotives and other high-horsepower engines. Learn more.

LNG: Moving America

What is LNG? How is LNG produced, stored and transported? How is LNG ultimately used? Learn how this versatile fuel can benefit our nation as it is used in a growing number of applications. Learn more.


Growing infrastructure and vast supplies mean that natural gas is ready to play a greater role in the diverse mix of energy sources that power our nation. Learn more.


The new age of natural gas abundance is expanding economic opportunities throughout the United States. Learn more.

LNG Exports

Vast supplies of natural gas mean that our nation's economy will benefit greatly from natural gas exports. Learn more.

Safe and Responsible Development

Modern technology is unlocking vast supplies of clean natural gas - right here in the United States - that can power our nation for generations to come. Learn more.