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Transportation Policy

ANGA supports constructive policies to promote natural gas vehicles and all of the benefits they bring for local air quality, community health and U.S. energy security. From government purchasing decisions, to support for transportation corridors that expand fueling infrastructure, policymakers at all levels of government can play a significant role in encouraging this clean form of transportation.

Natural Gas Pump

Natural gas vehicles are 25% cleaner than those that run on diesel or traditional gasoline. The fastest way to have an immediate impact is to focus on the conversion of commercial fleets, trash trucks, transit and school buses, delivery vehicles, taxi cabs and shuttles. These vehicles are the heaviest and busiest on the road. They can be supported by a focused, regional fueling infrastructure. And, they complement support for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, which do not have the horsepower for larger classes of vehicles.

ANGA, AGA Collaborative

America's Natural Gas Alliance (ANGA) and the American Gas Association (AGA) are working collaboratively to advance the development and utilization of natural gas vehicles.

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