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Clean Air

Natural gas vehicles outperform conventional fuels with a significantly higher octane rating, better fuel efficiency and lower operating costs - all while offering dramatic reductions in emissions.  As a result, greater adoption of this clean transportation alternative can significantly improve air quality in communities across the country.

Consider these facts:

  • Transportation accounts for 30% of U.S. CO2 emissions, and natural gas vehicles run 25% cleaner than vehicles powered by traditional gasoline or diesel.
  • Natural gas vehicles also reduce smog-producing pollutants by up to 90%.

There is tremendous potential in converting heavy-duty commercial vehicles from diesel to natural gas. Diesel exhaust includes more than 40 substances that are listed by the EPA as hazardous air pollutants. By embracing natural gas vehicles, Americans can take a very practical step to help clean the air in their communities and advance U.S. energy security.