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Natural gas is unique in the energy mix in that we have a lot of it, and a lot of ways to use it today to generate cleaner, efficient, reliable electricity for America's homes and businesses. The abundant supplies of natural gas that we have right here in America means that we can count on natural gas when we need it to power our homes and our businesses at stable prices.

Just a few years ago, it seemed like any expansion of the use for natural gas for power generation would be tied to increased imports of liquefied natural gas.

What a difference a few years can make. The Energy Information Administration, the Potential Gas Committee and Cambridge Energy Research Associates all have arrived at the same conclusion: That our nation now has enough natural gas right here in America to power our economy for generations to come.

Advances in drilling technologies have unlocked vast reserves of natural gas across the United States and Canada - dramatically changing the long-term outlook for natural gas supplies.

Sustainable Supplies=Capacity Growth

Utilities, regulators and consumers have come to the realization that enough natural gas will be there, at an affordable price, to plan for a future in which gas will be the go-to fuel for power plants.

Because of abundance of natural gas supplies, the Energy Information Administration is estimating that natural gas plants will account for 63% of all new power plant additions through 2040, compared to 31% for renewables, 3% for coal-fired plants and 3% for nuclear.

The result of these vast supplies of natural gas will be stable markets, cleaner air and more efficient power production - and that's a change we can all get behind.