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Power Generation

Utilities, regulators and policymakers alike know that we need clean, efficient and affordable electricity to reduce emissions and power our growing energy needs. Clean, abundant and affordable natural gas is ready now to play a growing role in the diverse mix of energy sources that will power America's future.

Natural gas is unique among our energy choices because we have vast domestic supplies - and underutilized capacity - that is ready now to play a growing role generating cleaner, affordable electricity for America's homes and businesses. Current natural gas generation capacity is underutilized and natural gas is a highly attractive choice for building new capacity. Natural gas is also a strong complement to renewable energy - providing reliable power when the wind isn't blowing or the sun isn't shining.

How much of a role can natural gas play?

The shale gas revolution has dramatically improved the outlook for domestic natural gas supplies. And, with a growing need to reduce emissions, abundant natural gas is ready now to play a greater role in a diverse clean energy portfolio for America.

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Do we have the delivery infrastructure?

A growing role for natural gas in power generation can happen now because we have the ability to get it quickly and reliably where it needs to go throughout the country thanks to rapidly expanding pipeline capacity.

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What about ratepayers?

Vast domestic supplies mean stable markets, making natural gas more affordable and reliable than ever for utilities and ratepayers.

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What are the clean energy benefits?

Natural gas offers a host of environmental and cost-saving benefits over other forms of electricity, and it is an essential partner to the development of renewables.

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