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  • Denver International - Think About It
    Posted: Jul 11

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Staten Island Ferry to Run on Liquefied Natural Gas

Recognizing the numerous cost-saving and environmental benefits, Staten Island Ferry has announced that it will convert one ferry to operate on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). According to the Staten Island Advance, the conversion could save the city of New York, “nearly half the boat's fueling cost annually” without negatively affecting performance or service to passengers.

According to the Advance, the savings are significant:

"Since the ferries run continuously, a rough estimate comes to just under $6 million to fuel the boats each year. So if the pilot is successful, the chosen boat could cut approximately $3 million annually from its fuel costs using LNG."

Using more natural gas to power our transportation future is yielding significant savings for cities and states across the nation. Whether its small vehicle pool, large public transportation fleets or ferry boats, our domestic abundance of affordable natural gas is putting our nation on the road – and underway – to a cleaner transportation future.

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